Welcome to a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on a college, a community, and a growing economic sector.

For three decades, Columbus State Community College has been among the country’s top destinations for an education in culinary arts and hospitality.

The time has come for our program to better reflect and fulfill the passion and potential of our students, graduates, and community partners.

Named for Cameron Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, Mitchell Hall is a one-of-a-kind destination for learning, community engagement, collaboration and inspiration.

Take a tour of our new building.

Everyone will have a seat at this table.

While student learning is and will always be our first priority, the benefits of our new building will directly and indirectly extend to a broad cross section of our city. With a new facility in place, so much will be possible. Learning. Pride. And community engagement.


Our Students

Chef James Taylor
Executive Director of Hospitality Programs, Columbus State Community College

Experiential learning.

A student-run retail bakery and café will provide active learning, and a restaurant and bar serving wine and beer to the public will generate revenue while creating valuable student experiences. Students will be prepared for real-world opportunities the minute they graduate. And with nearly double current enrollment, more graduates will have these opportunities.

New academic offerings.

As the hospitality industry changes, so too must the programs that serve it. New academic programs, such as Beverage and Mixology, Culinary Arts, Hotel Administration, Hotel Management, and Sommelier, will create new career possibilities.


The Community

Dr. David Harrison
President, Columbus State Community College

Building on momentum.

Columbus State is engaged in ambitious, citywide development discussions, and recent partnerships with Apple, Amazon, and other national leaders have caught the attention of local and national media. We"re excited to meet these growing expectations, and this building will further establish the value of our students, our faculty, and our programs.

Revitalizing our neighborhood.

Our new building will serve as a convenient and appealing destination for students and the public alike, and as a grand entry point for the growing, vibrant Creative Campus area we share with Columbus College of Art and Design and The Columbus Museum of Art, and State Auto Insurance.


Local Industry

Cameron Mitchell
CEO and Founder, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants

Preparing for rapid growth.

With over 13% expected job growth in hospitality over the next seven years, we need to produce higher numbers of talented, hard-working graduates. The new building will provide current and future employees with specific opportunities to advance their careers, and area employers will have access to the smart, adaptable talent they depend on to keep their businesses running.

“Columbus State’s Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Program will lay the groundwork for thousands of students to prepare for the future in an unmatched learning environment. Preparing for a career in hospitality means recognizing the unlimited opportunity for growth and development that lies ahead.”
David Miller
President and COO, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants


April 25, 2020
The Legacy Dinner

Proceeds from the Legacy Dinner will support the Renee and Ziggy Allespach Fund at the Columbus State Community College Foundation for the purpose of creating a lasting tribute to Ziggy within the Columbus State Culinary Program.

August 11, 2020
Taste the Future

Support Columbus State students at the premier community culinary event in Central Ohio. Many of the participating establishments feature graduates of the Columbus State Culinary Apprenticeship program, including Barcelona, Marcella’s, The Blackwell Inn, and Lindey’s.

Get involved.

This is a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on a college, a community, and a growing economic sector for decades. We invite you to the table to share in this extraordinary experience.

Download our campaign brochure and giving guide to learn more about this vital project. And learn more about our vision for social impact by downloading our companion brochure on the advancement of nutrition and wellness.

To get involved today, please contact:

Pam Bishop
Columbus State Foundation
pbishop2@cscc.edu • (614) 287-5090